Your Wellness Connection

You will receive healing and guidance on how can you change or eliminate...

Your Wellness Connection
by Lenka Spiska

Welcome to my website.  I am thrilled that the universe has sent you my way and that you are taking your precious time to read my words.

Trust your VOICE
Healing Reading

The first step to improving your intuition, which will guide you to happiness, is to TRUST YOUR INNER VOICE.

Reiki is a powerful energy healing. Anybody and everybody will benefit...

All children are born as Intuitives.  They naturally possess the gifts that we are all trying to re-awaken in later life.  It is important…

"Once you know your truth - Live it"
Parenting intuitive children 
Reiki (pronounced "Ray-key")

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“I want to share with you why it is essential for everyone to find “the way"...

Lenka’s BackStory
3rd eye opening - exercise to open and develop the 3rd eye / ability to "see"

"Try Reiki!" - Dr. Mehmet Oz

The Dr. Oz Show - Watch the Dr. Oz Video